About InsiderPaddles.com

InsiderPaddles.com is an online pickleball directory powered by Pickleball Insider. InsiderPaddles.com serves the pickleball community, paddle brand companies, pickleball retail stores and online paddle retailers by connecting pickleball players with pickleball paddles.

Every pickleball player has a unique playing style, paddle aesthetic, price range and requirements (weight, grip size, etc.). The best way to buy a paddle is to try a paddle — to make sure it’s the right paddle for you. How do you try a pickleball paddle? Nearly impossible unless you know all of the options available to you. Enter InsiderPaddles.com — a resource connecting pickleball players with local paddle reps, brick and mortar retail shops, paddle and retail demo programs and online retailers.

How Do I Participate?

The purpose of this platform is to help pickleball players find the paddle that meets their unique pickleball paddle needs. There are several ways for you to be part of this awesome resource.

Paddle Brands – sponsor your paddle reps to get your paddles into the hands of more pickleball players.

Pickleball Retail Stores — let your local community and visitors know that you exist and where to find you.

Demo Programs – have a pickleball paddle demo program? Let the pickleball community know.

Online Retailers – some unlucky pickleballers may not have reps or stores near them. This is your time to shine. Let pickleball players know they have online retail options too.

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